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Aerosol Design

Multi-language cans:

  • Up to 8 languages per can: English, French, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese
  • Ensures foreign employees can use products (and understand risk phrases)
  • Reduces risk of workplace accidents or inappropriate use
  • All MSDS and TDS are available at
Ambersil Aerosol

Hazard Symbols

Clearly displayed on every product (if required) the internationally recognised CHIP3 and GHS/CLP symbols further communicate relevant hazards

International Contact Details on Aerosol

Should contact be necessary (e.g. further information required, MSDS sheets and TDS sheets) our contact details and website: phone 09 2722 700


The reverse of every can (and most other pack types) clearly indicates the product description and full safety texts in up to eight languages

Range Icon

The Ambersil icon, clearly presented on the front of the product indicates which product range type it belongs to, assisting in easy product identification

Safety Assured

Conforms to ADD for proven product safety

Product Description

The product description is always located directly below the range icon in bold text so that users can clearly see what theproduct function is. This product description is repeated in up to 8 languages below, ensuring non-English literate users cancorrectly identify the product

Product Name

The product name is represented in large, clear type ensuring it stands out from the rest of the can text – essential whenselecting which product to use


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