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Rust Protection and prevention products that you can count on

Our range of anti-rust and anti-corrosion sprays and treatments will effectively protect & prevent against rust. These items uphold the highest standards for quality and undergo the most rigorous safety and reliability checks to ensure that you’re only getting the most dependable anti-corrosion products on the market.

Put your safety first with our anti-corrosion sprays

Our rust protection and anti-rust sprays are innovative, meaning that we’re constantly thinking of new and improved ways to make the detection of these nuisances easier for you. Through reputation and reliability, we aim to give you peace of mind every time you purchase one of our products.

Our rust-proof sprays have got you covered

We have a wide range of anti-corrosion sprays, mould release and protection products for you to choose from. They are quick drying and extremely durable in almost every condition. Our rust-proof sprays are guaranteed to create a high-strength coating that protects the material from air pollution, environmental effects and other factors that could cause down time & costly maintenance.

There’s no substitute for our industry experience

After 60 years in this business, we know what works. Our design processes have been perfected during this time to ensure that we’re providing you with top-quality products, such as rust-proof spray or anti-corrosion treatments. We are dedicated to designing products that will satisfy our customers. When you buy Ambersil, you can be confident that you’re getting the best quality products the industry has to offer.

To buy any of our rust protection, protective coating or anti-corrosion products or to learn more about us, visit our online store or stockists throughout New Zealand.

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