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New Zealand’s Preferred Protective Coatings in NZ

After servicing the industry for 60 years, designing and creating a products that professionals love is something we know. Our products are industry-preferred options due to our exceptional standards of quality and innovative chemical engineering.

The key qualities of our products

Our coatings contain a range of convenient, trustworthy elements that allows you to do your job quicker and more efficiently. Our conformal coating for electronics can prevent electrical leakages and short circuits in your equipment, allowing you to avoid unnecessary hold ups in your work. Our protective coatings are also touch dry in 20 minutes or less and operational in a variety of extreme temperatures, making them suitable for a wide range of businesses all around the world.

One of the leading protective coatings in NZ

Our formula design process is unlike any other. To ensure that our customers get the best possible product each and every time, we are dedicated to testing our products at all stages in the production process. This guarantees consistency and reliability as you can count on the product working in the same way every time you purchase it. Our products ensure long term protection of your equipment, a quality that any business owner knows they can benefit from.

The right choice for you

While there are no shortage of protective coatings and sprays in NZ, we are a company that guarantees you satisfaction and reliability no matter what. Our extensive industry experience and attention to detail means that we create the best chemical formulas money can buy. Not only do we provide an excellent service to our customers, but also to the environment. We use recyclable packaging when making our aerosol cans and cardboard boxes and are committed to eliminating the risks of contamination or pollution through various company-wide procedures.

So if you’re looking for anti-corrosion products or protective coatings in New Zealand that will make your equipment last longer, look no further than Ambersil. To purchase our products, be sure to visit any of our New Zealand stockists or shop our online store today.

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