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Ambersil Stringent Quality Control

(Certificate number FM26077)

Quality Control

Accredited ISO9001:2008

We understand your reliance on quality and conformance and value your trust in us to deliver. All Ambersil products undergo stringent quality control tests at every stage of product production.

Our product specification procedures begin many months (and even years) before a new product is launched and encompass pilot plant trials, field trials and long-term storage stability testing. By rigously applying these procedures to all our products we can ensure the highest levels of reliabilty, safety and performance in use.

We have many products specified or approved by large, blue-chip organisations and government bodies, including: MoD, NATO, Rolls Royce, Ford, Rail Operators, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Pratt and Whitney, British Standards, British Airways, NSF, and many more.

Checks routinely performed on Ambersil Aerosols include:

  1. Raw material testing
    To confirm that all product ingredients are as specified
  2. Bulk blend testing
    All product batches are tested for conformance to predefined specifications before being filled into aerosol packs.
    Typical tests include:
    • Specific gravity checks
    • Viscosity checks
    • Moisture content analysis
    • Infra-red analysis
  3. Filled aerosol testing
    All filled packs are subjected to many performance and safety checks including:
    • Crimp checks
    • Labelling checks
    • Weight checks
    • Pressure checks
  4. Water bath testing
    Every single aerosol we produce is passed through a high temperature water-bath to simulate pack safety and performance at elevated temperatures.
  5. Storage trials
    Prior to production, Ambersil products are tested for long-term storage and reliability trials - that’s why most Ambersil products have a shelf life of 6-years!
  6. Product specific tests
    Differing product applications will require differing test criteria, such as accelerated corrosion testing, evaluation of release properties and material compatibility testing.


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